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Surrogacy And Adoption is an international surrogacy agency connecting American intended parents to a gestational surrogate in Kazakhstan. Our CEO, Tatiana Belousova, is a native to Kyrgyzstan and currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 2004, she drafted legislation in Kyrgyzstan to open international adoptions. Due to her successful legislative efforts, hundreds of Kyrgyzstan orphans have found homes with families in the United States and throughout the world. She has a degree in nursing and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business. Tatiana has been a child advocate and adoption professional for over 17 years. Starting with the creation of the Charitable Foundation of St. Philomena Adoption in 2003, and later being the Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan Program Director for multiple adoption agencies within the United States. She also leads a Kyrgyzstan winter and summer hosting programs in partnership with Project 143 while providing humanitarian help to orphanages around the world. 

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Tatiana's success in adoption gained national publicity in People Magazine

Tatiana Belousova has over fifteen years of experience in the adoption and surrogacy industry. She is best known for her reputation in completion of difficult cases. Read more about Jim and Stephanie Umberger’s story to learn more.  

Tatiana Belousova

Founder and CEO

I act on my passion to help families  grow. I do it with the integrity of my heart and a strong desire to make the impossible absolutely real. I personally work with every intended family and gestational surrogate to create a beautiful and memorable experience.

Tatiana Belousova

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Our mission is to assist in creating traditional families in a non-traditional way.  

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We are committed to being there for the intended family and their surrogate for every step of this life-altering journey.  

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We will take every measure necessary to properly match each family with a surrogate in Kazakhstan. Just remember, we will always be only one phone call away. 

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