Human reproduction is one of the most basic animalistic instinct that governs the society. However, more and more women are increasingly finding it difficult to conceive a child. Whether it is the changing environment or natural causes, infertility is a growing cause of concern.

There are various methods of treatment for infertility, called assisted reproductive technologies (ART) in which the conception or some stages of it are carried out outside the body. Surrogacy is amongst the most popular methods of assisted reproductive technologies. Since it enables a surrogate mother to carry a child right from conception to delivery, surrogacy is a way that overcomes most problems with infertility. Many couples who want a child of their own but cannot conceive due to various reasons turn to surrogacy as their preferred way of bearing a child. Surrogacy is an age old tradition in a lot of cultures around the world. It is only in fairly recent times, after the development of ART and IVF procedures that it became accessible on demand.

International surrogacy has been gaining traction in many nations, especially the ones where it is an expensive affair, or the laws surrounding surrogacy are too stringent. Hence, couples are looking at alternative ways of inexpensive surrogacy procedures. Moreover, at times people find it relatively easy to find willing surrogate mothers in other countries than their own.

Out of the plenty options to choose from, Kazakhstan has emerged to be one of the top surrogacy destinations in the world on account of several reasons. Some of them are:

  1. Law: At the legislative level in Kazakhstan, surrogacy is permitted unlike some countries like France, Germany, Austria, Norway and Sweden, where the laws do not permit surrogacy services. The legal framework was put in place in 1998, when the Act “Marriage and the Family,” was passed, which established the right to use surrogacy as a method of assisted reproductive technology. In 1999, the Center for Human Reproduction spent the first surrogacy program. In 2004 there was a law “On reproductive rights and guarantees of their implementation.” In 2009 the Code “On people’s health and the health care system” was introduced. In 2012, the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Marriage (Matrimony) and Family” was enacted, which contains chapter 9 “Surrogacy and the use of assisted reproductive techniques and technologies.” Considering the provisions and relaxed laws in the country, many people from various countries like the US, UK and China choose Kazakhstan to find their surrogate mother.
  1. Willingness of surrogate mothers: A lot of young, healthy women in Kazakhstan are willing to become surrogate mothers for needy couples due to the money they can make in international surrogacy. In countries like Kazakhstan, where stable income for women is hard to come by, surrogacy has opened avenues for these women to support their livelihood. It can serve as a way for many women to sustain their families, and raise their own kids with the money they receive as surrogate mother cost. Moreover, international currencies like American Dollar, British Pound are desired by many in Kazakhstan as they are highly valued against their currency. This makes it easier for couples to find a surrogate mother in the country with ease and they can select the one who matches their desires.
  1. Cost: Surrogacy costs vary from country to country, as does the success rate and legal requirements. The surrogacy costs in Kazakhstan are relatively lower as compared to most developed countries like United States, UK and China. The IVF program together with medicine averages between 850-950 thousand Tenge (2,400-2600 USD), which is three times as cheap as it is in America. In case of compensatory surrogacy too, surrogate mothers in Kazakhstan usually charge amounts that are quite inexpensive as compared to the US. So overall, surrogate costs are significantly lower in Kazakhstan than in many bigger countries. This makes it an affordable option for couples to do their surrogacy process in.
  1. Ease: If you decide to go through your surrogacy procedure with an agency like Surro Moms Abroad, it carries out the entire surrogacy process with a lot of ease. They guarantee a match within a weekof starting the process. Surro Moms Abroad will complete the following screenings: medical screening, psychological screening, and background testing in order to find the perfect match for the couple seeking a surrogate mother. Intended parents and surrogate stay in touch through routine video and voice calls with a translator present. Additionally, Surro Moms Abroad attend all doctor visits and update the intended family on the progression of the pregnancy. That way, the intended parents go through a smooth surrogacy process and do not go through any hassle. This makes it compelling for couples to look to countries like Kazakhstan as their preferred destination for surrogacy.
  1. Environment: The Surro Moms Abroad Kazakhstan clinic is in the Almaty suburb, which is a great place for an In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) program. The area is free of the city’s pollution, such as dust and vehicle exhaust gases. Scientific studies have shown that ecologically clean areas have higher IVF success rates. The center is also staffed with experts who take patients through the entire surrogacy process, making sure that they understand what is going on and what to expect throughout the process. They work with patients from the initial diagnostic stages all the way to the delivery room when the surrogate delivers a healthy baby. This process includes specialists such as fertility specialists, embryologists, geneticists and andrologists. By utilizing knowledge from all of these specialists, they ensure that a healthy baby is born in a seamless surrogacy process and experience.

Owing to the lax legal system, healthy environment for the surrogate mother to carry out the pregnancy, the easily available and willing women to become surrogate mothers, and well developed health and reproductive service experts and officials, Kazakhstan has emerged to be an ideal choice for parents looking at surrogacy as means to conceive a child.