A surrogacy agency is an end-to-end service provider for people entering the surrogacy process. It is a professional agency that provides all or most services pertaining to the surrogacy process. Surrogacy agencies make it a smooth process for intended parents by undertaking all steps to ensure the surrogacy goes as planned. They have different kinds of trained professionals who provide various services from medical procedures to counseling. A surrogate agency is an integral part of an international surrogacy program as it involves traveling to another country and abiding with their laws of surrogacy. Hence, we will talk about how to find a surrogate agency online.

The services provided by surrogate agencies are:

  • Matching services to find surrogate mothers for intended parents.
  • Screening services to ensure every party is mentally, physically and emotionally ready for the surrogacy process.
  • Medical procedures like IVF, planting of embryo, etc.
  • Drawing a contractual agreement between the intended parents and the surrogates.
  • Counseling services to provide support throughout the process of surrogacy.

From the aforementioned points, it is imperative that you find an agency you are comfortable working with. Choosing the right surrogacy agency will help you have a seamless surrogacy experience that matches all your objectives. Here’s how you can find a surrogacy agency online:

Experience: The number of years of experience is an important aspect of a good surrogate agency. Experienced professionals have the requisite amount of expertise in carrying out international surrogacy programs, abiding laws and legislations, and finding surrogate mothers from their vast pool of data. A good agency or its founder should have at least 10 years of experience in this field.

Screening Process: A good surrogacy agency must have a robust screening process evaluating various aspects of physical, mental and emotional health of the surrogates. They should have specific requirements in terms of age, lifestyle, and personal life of potential surrogates. A good surrogate agency would have facilities where the surrogate mothers can choose to live at and be provided with all of the necessary prenatal care including proper nutrition, vitamins, prenatal yoga classes, aqua therapy, massages, and many more services to make the entire process enjoyable and beautiful for all parties involved.

Clinics and Facilities: The clinics where an agency offers IVF services should ideally be in ecologically clean suburbs, away from the city dust and exhaust gases of vehicles which is proven to increases the efficiency of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and gestational surrogacy programs. A staff of well-trained and experienced fertility specialists, embryologists, geneticists and andrologists is a must.

Additional Services: Other services offered by surrogacy agencies could be important to an individual based on their needs and goals. A good agency will make sure that you have a comfortable and positive journey throughout. They will offer services like scheduling Skype calls with the surrogate, as well as ongoing updates for the intended parents about the gestational surrogate mother.

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