Surrogacy is one of the most popular methods of conceiving biological children these days. Since it allows people with fertility issues to have a child of their own, it is preferred over other methods of conception. In a geographical sense, surrogacy is of two types, namely domestic surrogacy and international surrogacy. International surrogacy is when people travel to another country to find a surrogate mother for carrying their baby and to carry out the surrogacy process. International surrogacy is usually done through an international surrogacy agency.

Needless to say, with international surrogacy, some amount of apprehension is associated. When you are travelling to a foreign country with different laws and regulations, you are bound to feel a little apprehensive. People often have a doubt whether or not they would find the right surrogate mother after travelling to another country. Furthermore, the physical distance between the intended parents and their surrogate makes them a little reluctant. Considering these factors in mind, it is best to go with an international surrogate agency. That way, your whole surrogacy journey becomes smooth and hassle free. The international surrogacy agencies have the required knowhow and resources to take care of the entire surrogacy process right from finding a surrogate, making a contract till the delivery of the baby.

Why you should go with an international surrogacy agency for international surrogacy:

  • Consultation & Screening: The ease that comes with signing up with an agency is unmatchable. They do thorough medical screening, psychological screening and background testing of the surrogate candidates to ensure that the candidate is physically, mentally, emotionally, fit to carry someone’s child. They also provide consultation for all your questions and concerned to be answered to.
  • Finding a surrogate: This is the biggest benefit of hiring an agency. It is not easy for individual couples to find a right match for international surrogate on their own. On the other hand, some agencies like Surro Moms Abroad guarantee a match within a week of starting the process.
  • Medical supervision: While you are away from the surrogate mother carrying your child, the agency will attend all doctor visits and update you on the progression of the pregnancy. They also often have IVF clinics and labs wherein fertility specialists, embryologists, geneticists and andrologists carry out the process of IVF.
  • Legal expertise: International agencies take care of the legal requirements of the home country and the destination country for international surrogacy. They make a surrogacy contract and make the birth certificate, etc.
  • Peace of mind: International surrogacy agencies are with you right from the beginning to the end of the entire surrogacy process. Agencies like Surro Moms Abroad also set up facilities where the surrogate mothers can choose to live at and we would provide all of the necessary prenatal care including proper nutrition, vitamins, prenatal yoga classes, aqua therapy, massages, and many more services to make the entire process enjoyable and beautiful for all parties involved. We also offer scheduled skype calls, as well as ongoing updates for the intended parents about the gestational surrogate mother.

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