International surrogacy is a growingly conspicuous topic in current times. As public interest and demand has been on a rise, legislations are getting amended and becoming clearer. The tightening of legislations serves to protect the surrogate mothers from exploitation and unfair practices. The major reason international surrogacy is becoming so popular is because of low international surrogacy cost. Other reasons for going abroad to go through the surrogacy process include availability of surrogates, easier laws, preferential genetic composition, etc. The costs of surrogacy vary to great extents between different countries.

There are various costs involved in surrogacy, like medical costs, IVF cost, agency fee, prenatal care costs, legal costs, clinical fees, travelling costs and immigration help, surrogate compensation, etc. Commercial surrogacy is available in roughly 14 states in the U.S.A. But the cost of surrogacy in US is one of the highest in the world. A rough estimate of surrogacy process cost in US is $145,000. This is an amount that is not affordable for most of the intended parents. According to the US Census Bureau, the average household income in America is under $52,000.

The thing that most domestic fertility clinics won’t tell you is that most couples opting for surrogacy as their choice for having a child can see multiple rounds of IVF fail before a surrogate successfully becoming pregnant. Each attempt entails additional cost. And this could go up to a large amount depending on the number of IVF attempts taken in order to successfully develop an embryo. Another hidden cost is the legal costs involved in America. In case something goes wrong, you ought to have a reserve amount of funds to cater to the additional legal bills.

Following is a table with rough costs of surrogacy in the US:

Agency Fees


Surrogate Search


Surrogate’s Compensation


Legal Costs


Clinical Fees


Prenatal Care






The surrogate’s compensation is one cost that greatly differs in US and in many other developing countries. Those countries have low inflation rates, plus weaker currencies against dollar. This makes the compensation for surrogates much lower than in US but still sufficient for their home country.

Now, for comparison let’s look at the costs of surrogacy in other countries. The only proper way to go through international surrogacy is through an international surrogacy agency. According to the international agency Surro Moms Abroad, their international surrogacy program cost varies from $57,500 – $65,500 for normal delivery plus any travel expenses. This includes Gestational Carrier fees, Egg Donor compensation, agency fees, pregnancy management fees, agency in country coordinator fees, IVF clinic and medication fees (three attempts of embryo transfer procedures included), social worker’s flat fees, medical screening costs, all legal fees, new born immigration fees, notary, transportation fees, interpreter fees and hotel accommodations on the first trip.

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