How Can You Find an International Surrogate Mother?

How Can You Find a International Surrogate Mother | Surro Moms Abroad

Since international surrogacy has been gaining a lot of traction worldwide lately, people across countries like United States, United Kingdom and China have been travelling across the world finding better places to find surrogate mothers and go through their surrogacy process in. Factors such as cheaper surrogacy costs, favorable laws on surrogacy and the ease of finding international surrogate mothers make people opt for international surrogacy. Hence, we will see how one can find international surrogate mothers that can be one of the most popular international surrogacy destinations.

International Surrogacy is increasingly becoming the preferred and perfect way for intended parents across the world. There are several reasons for the same:

Cost of Surrogacy: International surrogacy is a relatively affordable option for parents as compared to many countries like USA, UK and China. For example the IVF program together with medicine averages between 850-950 thousand Tenge (2,400-2600 USD) in Kazakhstan, which is three times as cheap as it is in America.

Law: At the legislative level in many countries, surrogacy is permitted unlike some countries like France, Germany, Austria, Norway and Sweden, where the laws do not permit surrogacy services.

Availability and Ease: A lot of young, healthy women in many countries for example Kazakhstan are willing to become surrogate mothers for needy couples due to the money they can make in international surrogacy. This makes it easier for couples to find a surrogate mother in the country with ease and they can select the one who matches their desires.

There are usually two ways to find a surrogate mother:

  • Through an international surrogacy agency
  • Through your own resources

While going for international surrogacy, surrogacy agency is usually the better way to go as it is not possible for most couples to find an international surrogate mother and go through the surrogacy process on their own.

Here is how you can find an international surrogate mother:

Contact an agency: Find out an agency with good amount of experience in the industry that can help you with the entire surrogacy procedure right from finding a surrogate to the delivery and contract. One such agency in the US that specializes in international surrogacy is Surro Moms Abroad, connecting American intended parents to a gestational surrogate mothers.

Find a surrogate mother through their database: When you sign up with an international agency, they would help you find a surrogate mother from their database. All the surrogates who’ve signed up with them go through intensive screening procedure to make sure that only the women who are physically, mentally and emotionally fit to carry a baby become surrogate mothers. You’d set up interviews with potential matches and then finally go with the one you deem most fit to carry your baby.

Go for the procedure: The biggest benefit of signing up with an agency is that you do not need to do anything. Once you’ve signed up and chosen the surrogate mother for you, the rest will be taken care of by the agency. You just need to go through the procedure according to them and you can have your own baby with great ease.

To know more about how to find an international surrogate mother, contact Surro Moms Abroad on this number: +1 (303) 722-0066.