Finding International Surrogate Mothers in the Current Scenario

As it’s in the news often, we know what international surrogacy is. It is when individual(s) travel to a foreign country to find a surrogate mother and go through the surrogacy process in that country. It is usually due to cheaper costs, favorable laws, and easier availability of surrogate mothers in other countries than their home countries. Although it has its share of apprehensions attached with it too. Since the surrogate mother that carries a couple’s baby stays in a foreign country far from them, finding the right international surrogate mothers in the current scenario, is imperative.

Nevertheless, there are two ways to go about an international surrogacy program. One is directly, through personal connections and efforts. The other is signing up for surrogacy program with an international surrogacy agency. The latter is the more preferred option, especially for international surrogacy throughout the world as that is the safer, easier and foolproof way of going to another country for surrogacy. Agencies know the place, laws and they have a database of surrogate mothers signed up with them. They take care of the entire process for you in terms of contract, medical procedures and due diligence, finding the right international surrogate for you, etc. In countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and China, where surrogacy costs are exorbitantly high, people turn to surrogacy programs in other countries for more affordable programs. Barred from India, Nepal and Thailand, the best remaining choices are countries like Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

One such agency that specializes in international surrogacy programs is Surro Moms Abroad, connecting American intended parents to a gestational surrogate in Kazakhstan. Our CEO, Tatiana Belousova, is a native to Kyrgyzstan and currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 2004, she drafted legislation in Kyrgyzstan to open international adoptions.

Apart from the obvious benefits of surrogacy, there is an indirect humanitarian benefit that many tend to miss. Compensatory surrogacy programs provide many women with an alternative source of income. Many of those women are from a poor economic background. With the amount of money they can make on one surrogate delivery, while also saving the intended parents money relative to their home country, they can take care of their own and their families’ wellbeing. They can earn approximately something from $20,000-$25,000, which is a decent amount for someone to get access to necessities for their family in a country like Kazakhstan. With an international surrogacy agency, the packages cost around $57,500 – $65,500, while in the United States the cost starts at around $95,000 and could go up to $146,000.

We will discuss important things to keep in mind while finding the right international surrogate. If you go with an international agency, they have a thorough screening process for surrogate mothers, but you should still keep these factors in mind while finding an international surrogate mother:

  • 21-35 Years Of Age
  • Healthy Body Mass Index
  • Married And Financially Secured
  • Delivered At Least One Biological Child
  • Passes A Background Check
  • Does Not Use Drugs, Smoke Cigarettes, or Abuse Alcohol.
  • Has Stable Living Conditions
  • Must Undergo A Psychological Assessment
  • Has A General Understanding Of The Gestational Surrogacy Process
  • Willing To Speak With Intended Parents Monthly
  • Passes All Medical Screening.

To find the right international surrogate mothers, contact Surro Moms Abroad on +1 (303) 722-0066.